Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center in Bartlesville, OK
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Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center in Bartlesville, OK

Mission Statement

--Our mission is to redefine the industry, be innovative leaders, be an inspiration to our associates and nurture the human spirit.

By providing excellent service Adams PARC is committed to standards that exceed expectations for all we serve. At Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center, we are aware of the challenges and emotions associated with seeing your loved ones in need of further medical care following hospitalization. Our knowledgeable staff and trained medical professionals work around the clock to ensure an encouraging, stimulating, and growth-inspiring environment. And because we are aware of the importance of family involvement in the decision-making process, we work hard at maintaining transparent and professional relationships with you and your loved ones. We strive to establish an environment creating constant positive individual experiences promoting the best individual outcomes.

Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center


6006 SE Adams Blvd Bartlesville, 74006

Take a Good Look Inside

From admission to discharge, we treat our guests and their families with dignity, respect, and compassion. While spending time in our post-acute recovery center, guests experience the expertise and dedication of our knowledgeable team of professionals. Through our customizable rehabilitative programs and caring staff, we create a welcoming and homelike setting that contributes to the healthiest, most holistic path to full recovery. The guiding principles of our staff live and work by include:

  • Promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Encouragement of continual growth and education
  • Provision of resources for all we serve
  • Ownership and accountability of actions and decisions
  • Treatment of others with dignity and respect
  • Always doing the right thing
  • Deliver compassionate and exceptional quality services
Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center in Bartlesville

Rich History in a Blossoming City

Situated in Bartlesville, OK, Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center rests in a verdant, tree-filled area surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, nearby streams, and a handful of lush public parks. Just beyond Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center’s peaceful suburban setting, a consistently expanding city of fine architecture, historic museums, arts centers, and theaters, awaits. From its oil industry days of the early 20th century, when Frank Phillips founded Phillips Petroleum, Bartlesville has come a long way. Today, the city boasts an array of dining, entertainment, and historical sightseeing. The well-known Price Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is home to a lively arts center, as well as an upscale restaurant and luxurious lodging for those looking to relax while in town visiting a loved one.

Dr. Tom Britt

Dr. Tom Britt graduated from Oklahoma State University - College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002. He trained in Emergency Medicine during his residency. From 2005 to 2014 he worked in the Jane Phillips ER where he now continues on a part-time basis. He started the Gap Medical Clinic in 2011 to fill the growing need for the uninsured, as well as those unable to get into their primary care provider. In 2014, he joined the Adams PARC team as Medical Director. Dr. Britt and his lovely wife, Lori, have been married 17 years. They, and their 3 children, live in Bartlesville.

Dr. Tom Britt